For most birds it is completely normal to be comfortable in high altitudes, but for humans that doesn’t really come naturally. Luckily we adapt.
At Linde, they are driven to ensure zero safety incidents at customers’ plants. Their desire was for us in Delta Reality to create a complete VR experience on how to deal with risks while working at height.

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Work at Heights - VR Training scenario in Linde Virtual Academy

Being exposed to high elevations has its own challenges even for the most adaptable individuals out there. In the training, we created for Linde, no human life is in danger. The field operator has a chance to have a glimpse of working at height, but they also train their hazard-identification skills while being distracted by real physical obstacles.
The whole course is completely unpredictable as the weather conditions change. This way we ensured every single try is a unique and exciting experience.

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