Medulin Archaeology Experience

Upon receiving a task to breathe a new life into the ancient villa, we immediately knew we wanted to immerse their visitors into a unique experience that would not only showcase the luxury of the villa itself but also paint the picture of how people used to live in the period of Roman Empire.

Once a small fishing village, Medulin is today one of Croatia’s most prominent tourist destinations, with almost half a million visitors a year. Right in the heart of Medulin, and just outside the main tourist area, you can find the Vižula peninsula, a quiet place with a millennia-long history. The archaeological remains in this 26-hectare area range from the Neolithic to Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages.
The most significant find in Vižula is the remains of an ancient villa, which with its impressive dimensions, monumental architecture, rich decoration, beautiful mosaics and finest marble, is one of the most attractive, spacious and luxurious maritime residential villas from the period of the Roman Empire on the eastern Adriatic coast.

We were tasked by the local authorities to remodel and breathe new life into the villa while preserving its authenticity and historical accuracy.
The experience starts as soon as you come to Vižula and rent the virtual reality headsets. We are taking you on the tour through the times of Roman antiquity, enabling you to see all of the parts of the villa. While inspecting the villa, you will learn and see how did the people live in this period, how did they spend their time and which were the most visited amenities of the villa.

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