We were approached by our dear partners from “A1 Hrvatska” in order to help them envision a VR scenario that could be shown at the “Career fair at the Faculty of electrical engineering and Computing” in Zagreb. The aim of the activation was to show the life of engineers dealing with mobile tower maintenance and repairs. We all use mobile telephony and the internet all the time – we seldom stop to think about the driving forces behind the use.
It was important to communicate the collaborative and problem-solving aspects of the everyday life of mobile tower maintenance workers.

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In order to provide a fully immersive experience, we have installed a harness installation in order to replicate the working conditions of mobile tower technicians. Before the development started, we have taken a 360° photo in order to recreate the conditions as much as possible.
While suspended in mid-air, one technician reports the problems to the ground technician, allowing a showcase of the collaborative nature of technician work. In addition, both of the technicians need to solve a simple engineering problem in order to progress further in the experience.
A1 wanted to present the future of employment as well as the future of onboarding processes in technologically advanced companies – based on the number of future engineers who wanted to try the experience, we would say that this activation was a great foundation for the technology-enabled future.

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